Deck Repair

Deck Repair Tacoma


Deck repair in Tacoma requires knowledge and experience in carpentry skills to achieve the desired long-term results.

As deck repair contractors since 1987, we have skilled craftsmen that enjoy working with natural woods frequently used for decking materials. These beautiful natural wood constructions do require cleaning and preservation, and deck repair from time to time.

When we receive a request for deck repair, our first priority is to assess the condition, understructure, age, and usable life of the deck to determine if decking repairs are required. Our deck repair assessment focuses primarily on:

  • Evidence of damaged or failing deck boards
  • Points of connection to support posts or the building structure
  • Analysis of stair and guardrail connections
  • Condition of the framing material
  • Exposed nails requiring countersinking

If you would like to learn more about our deck repair, cleaning and restoration, call Rainier Roof Restoration at 253-649-6742.

Deck Repair Contractors Tacoma


We have years of experience since 1987 as professional deck repair contractors in Tacoma.

As deck repair contractors, we employ a skilled crew that takes great pride in ensuring a safe and sturdy deck, offering high-quality workmanship and the finest service.

Over these many years as deck repair contractors, we have become one of the most successful roofing and decking repair companies and an industry leader providing a broad range of exterior home improvement services. Included among our services are:

  • Decking repairs
  • Professional deck cleaning
  • Deck rejuvenation and restoration

We are deck repair contractors with our own expertly trained crews that provide the finest quality workmanship using high quality materials to extend the lifespan of your deck.

Call us today to schedule an assessment of your deck, or to request a free estimate for deck repair services.

Decking Repairs Tacoma


If you enjoy entertaining guests, or just relaxing on your deck, but the condition of your deck is unsafe or undesirable, call us today for decking repairs in Tacoma.

We take great pride in providing skilled workmanship that can provide our customers with:

  • Usable outdoor living space
  • A beautifully restored and rejuvenated deck appearance
  • Improved resale value
  • High quality workmanship to extend the lifespan of the deck

With the ever-increasing popularity of decks for socializing and relaxing, we encourage you to call us for decking repairs that will bring your deck to a safe and useful extension of your home for a prolonged period of time.

Call Rainier Roof Restoration to learn more about our range of deck services, or to request an assessment and free estimate. 253-649-6742