Cedar Shake Roof Treatment Issaquah

Cedar Shake Roof Treatment Issaquah


Cedar roofing has always been a favorite of homeowners due to its classic elegance, natural warmth, and timeless appeal. Two other reasons for the popularity of cedar shake or shingle roofs are that the wood has superior insulation properties and high amounts of natural preservatives.

However, people need to remember while investing in this roofing system that all these natural preservatives can be lost after just a few years of exposure to the elements unless they have a cedar shake roof treatment.

Call Rainier Roof Restoration for sealing cedar roof of your Issaquah, WA area home after its installation if you want to make the most of your investment. The cedar shake roof treatment offered by us is a high-quality, proven proprietary blend that is:

  • Oil-based, not water-based like many other products
  • A genuine wood preservative, not just a fungicide
  • Environmentally safe; not toxic

Sealing Cedar Issaquah


Our specialized solution for sealing cedar roof blocks all the damaging effects of local environment and the diverse weather conditions throughout a year. After getting the cedar shake roof treatment done by us, you can go about your life with full assurance that your loved ones will be secure under a solid roof.

By sealing cedar roofing of your Issaquah home, we safeguard it for years against moss, algae or fungus buildup; curling or splitting of shakes or shingles due to moisture and discoloration.

You are sure to agree that hiring our services for sealing cedar roof is indeed a small price to pay for optimizing its:

  • Beauty
  • Efficiency and sturdiness
  • Reliability and longevity

Call us today for cedar shake roof treatment in your Issaquah home and protect the roofing from premature deterioration.

Shingle Treatment Issaquah


We specialize not just in sealing cedar shake roofs, but also provide shingle treatment around Issaquah for preserving wood roofs. Make us your first call for application of cedar sealant, whether you are going to get cedar roof shake or shingle treatment done for the first time or need to get the roof re-coated.

Our company assures you of totally seamless services for shake or shingle treatment of your home roofing system. We ensure your 100% satisfaction with every aspect of the job by having the shake or shingle treatment done:

  • By skilled and diligent crew
  • Using top-grade product
  • Quickly
  • At affordable rates

Trust only Rainier Roof Restoration for cedar shake roof treatment in your Issaquah area home. We are also the go-experts for cedar shingle treatment. Call (425) 462-5296.